No Cleanup Required!

No one loves to eat more than I do!!! Well let’s be honest, we all love to eat, and we would all agree that everything always taste better in the great outdoors.  Now that we have all enjoyed a big delicious meal, someone has to do the dishes and that becomes more of a chore without all the conveniences of home.  Let’s compound that problem by baking something really cheesy in a dutch oven or, cooking some eggs and hash browns, maybe even a cake. We all know you can’t use soap that will break down that seasoning you have been working so hard to maintain on that oven.  What is the solution??  Here at Trailhead Supply we have found the answer!  Disposable dutch oven liners.  These thin lightweight aluminum liners are made to drop in your dutch oven. Go cook the same way you always have but there is no cleanup just pull the liner and cook your next meal. They are available in 10, 12 and 14 inch sizes. Check them out here.


Trailhead Supply

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