Everyone Loves a Parade!

Well it is
February in Montana, and for the first time in over a week we are above
  In fact we are having a heat wave
the red in the thermometer has pushed its way up almost forty degrees putting
us to a balmy 9 above.
  What can one do
on such a warm Saturday afternoon that would help stretch out all those unused muscles
from being huddled around that wood stove all winter?
  Go out and load the stock, head to Whitefish,
and ride in a parade.
  Well first you
have to dig the trailer out of the snow bank …then load the stock, and then it
is off to Whitefish to ride in the parade.
It was the Whitefish Winter Carnival Parade.  At 3pm the 80 sum entries started rolling
down the mile and a quarter scenic tour of downtown Whitefish.
 The sidewalks crammed with thousands and
thousands of screaming and waving spectators.
If I wasn’t so concerned about taking out some candy grabbing little
kids along the edge of the sidewalks this would be a great place to break some
  Instead I rode and packed my time
tested, bomb proof, saddle horses so the thought of using someone’s liability
policy never crosses my mind.
favorite part of riding in a parade is after it’s over… no, not like that.
  It is not like having to go to your office
Christmas party and you finally escape and get to go home.
  I really do enjoy riding in parades, but when
you turn that last corner and you’re done, and then you can just enjoy the ride
around town on horseback.
  I just ride
down all the side streets and take the long scenic route back to the
  Not a cop in the world will
stop you; they know you were in the parade.
So, the next time you are asked to ride in a parade, go for it, and
enjoy an afternoon ride around town.
Just remember your stock probably won’t know the difference between a
stop and yield sign.

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