Hay There!

        What’s the deal with hay growers??  Take mine… mine, is just like the rest of them. He comes strolling into the store; and I say you saved me a phone call, I was about to call and ask when you were going to start cutting. Not for a couple weeks yet he says, is that ok?  And by the way I really don’t want to, but I’m going to have to raise my prices. Fuels up, I fertilized, got a new baler too, and I replanted that north field; and you know that cost right at $4000. But boy is it nice, I’ll get three times the yield out of that field and it’s only the first year.

        Let’s step back and look, fuel is the same price per gallon as last year, you fertilize every year, and the $4000 replant wasn’t out of your pocket you cut that field on shares for your neighbor. It was an investment in his business that is already creating a good return on that investment. We are all adults here, why not just say, with the cost of living is going up I just have to raise my prices.

        Get out there, pick up your hay, and right the check. This is one of those many reasons everyone told you when you were buying your first horse that the horse is the cheapest part of the deal. If you want to debate hay prices, then go discuss why when it only cost a few extra cents per bale to get it certified the cost jumps way up there.

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