Does anyone really like the dentist??? I went today, and I’ll be honest, it has been awhile since my last visit.  Today’s adventure reminded me why its been so long since my last visit.  There are some new tactics but under it all it’s the same old deal.  It started with two cute little blondes checking me in and leading me back to the chair where they laughed and joked while shoving film deals in my mouth…..then in walks the dentist and as he says, “Wow” I see him eyeing the new Ferrari sales flyer laying on the counter behind me.  I think we should start with a root canal and a crown on number 31 does it hurt?  Nope I said. Really? Because its in bad shape and its going to we really need to get this done…I’ll get you a referral.  Do I have a say in this?  Oh shes good…its still my tooth and it doesn’t hurt…..all I want is my teeth cleaned.  We will have to do the teeth cleaning in two sessions.  I said no, one then one of the blondes said our hygienist wont want to sit that long, it will be two sessions.  That when I bent over the counter and I said, “I don’t give a shit what she wants I’m the customer and I am only taking one day off work.  And why didn’t my teeth get cleaned  today?”  As I walked out I was feeling pretty good about myself I thought I handled that pretty well, didn’t even have to pay a dime today.  I just have to make the dentist child support payments to his X for the next 12 years.  Wonder what that crown is going to cost.

-Thanks for letting me vent.


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