Tree vs Space Ratio

People say and do all kinds of things, some make since, and some don’t.  Some of what you hear or see you have to sit back and ponder; and whatever the situation may be still has no rational thought to it, at all.  Take my packing partner, this year alone we slept over 85 nights on the ground along some lonely, breath taking, trail right next to the tied stock, deep in the heavily forested wilderness of NW Montana.  So, when the Christmas season was among us it was no surprise that I was selecting a Christmas tree to drag out of the hills with the pack string on our last turn out for the year.  We had old Bud with us and he was getting all into the Christmas spirit and said “You only need one tree?”  I said no let’s cut two, one for me and one for my kid’s place.  Then he turned and asked my packing partner you need a tree don’t you?  He said no I don’t.  Bud looked confused.  I told Bud to ask him why? Bud said, “Is your tree already up?” and he replied, “I have an artificial tree!!”  Bud started laughing uncontrollably “You have a fake F***ing tree and you call yourself a packer. Are you kidding me!!!!!!”  That’s when the words that I heard so many times and have yet to never understood were spoken one more time.  “I’m allergic to fir trees.”  After Bud got control of his self and took another big pull of his bottle of hooch.  He said, “Explain to me how this could be? A guy that lives in the middle of a dense forest surrounded by trees for 6 solid months can be so allergic to just one tree he has to have a fake tree at Christmas.”  “Well it’s in my house and I’m locked up with it”…..Here we go……..Bud is a retired math teacher.  For the next several hours as we pulled our strings through the snow loaded down with the last of our gear and my 2 trees toward the trail head I could hear old Bud explaining tree to space ratios and how it is impossible to be allergic to just one tree based on the square footage of his home.  I just sat back and laughed as the two argued and defended their sides of a never ending debate of space vs tree.


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