It's Not My Vet

So…..somehow I got elected to take scooter, my daughter’s dog, that lives with me, to the vet this morning. I don’t go to the small animal vet very often, and now I remember why.  So, I do the same thing I do when I go to the real vet. I left Scooter in the truck (since he didn’t need a trailer) and walked in checked in and checked out the waiting room…..The receptionist asked can I help you find something?  Yeah the coffee pot …we don’t have one (what is with that?) I also told her I was checking to see if the coast was clear of any small dogs and or cats, mostly cats.  See in Scooter’s world the only thing better than a cat is a large low flying bird. 

I went out and opened the door Scoot was moving ready to go. I leashed him and walked him in.  Then some gal took him and said I’m going to weigh him so I followed them down the hall. Now he wouldn’t get on the scale, he was dancing around all amped up.  That’s when this gal said maybe if daddy would wait in the waiting room he’d be a good boy.  I looked around and it was just me, a couple of female vet techs and Scooter.  I said Hell Know he ain’t my kid he’s a dog…I had no part bringing him into this world.  She was talking to scooter like he was a two year old. I said SIT THE F$#@ DOWN!!! Scooter sat and when I looked around so were all the little vet tech gals……………

After the visit we came out of exam room. Holy buckets there was a sea of small critters just movement everywhere.  No one brought just one dog they brought every one they own plus their neighbors. Tangled leashes, psycho folks, all talking little kid language to these untrained little furry things with bows on their heads. I’m trying to hold Scooter back and some lady said he’s excited I said yep there’s like 4 cats in here and the s*&% is about to hit the fan and it’s going to get really exciting in a few seconds.  Out to the truck… problem solved. 

While sitting waiting for my bill to be tallied some guy sat down next to me…I looked over at the smallest dog I’ve ever seen.  The owner said his name is London he’s here for dental work….I said what??????  London’s owner says what kind of puppy do you have? I said mules I own mules and I need to leave now…………

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  • Todd Patterson says...

    Andy, I can just hear you in there!?, And I don’t blame you one dang bit!

    June 21, 2016

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