It’s My Birthday

Wow thanks everyone for all the Birthday wishes!!!!  I had a great birthday, cards from folks far and near.  Thank God for Facebook!!!   Page after Page of good wishes ….So, when did my birthday celebration become time to advertise???  I got a birthday greeting from my dentist and an eye doctor I’ve never heard of.  There’s a warm heart felt wish Happy Birthday, stop by and let us drill on that rotted bicuspid.  I can see the local watering hole maybe, swing by and have a cold one on us!!!  But an eye exam !?!?!  Stop by let us check to see if you’re getting cataracts with that ever increasing age.  We would like to help you celebrate another year. We will give you a free set of goofy sunglasses with every eye dilation.  Come on it’s my Birthday, send me a visit reminder in the mail.  In the mean time I’ll be at the corner watering hole having a cold one it is my birthday…..Here’s to another year!!!!!


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