Chuck & Bud- The Dynamic Duo

Every great organization has key behind the scenes support staff. At Trailhead Supply we have those key players as well, meet Chuck and Bud. Chuck and Bud are not only, close friends, to all of us but we consider these two family, in every way. This pair of guys seem to always be a step ahead of you. By the time you go to ask them for help its normally already been taken care of.


The knowledge these two have is invaluable, both have packed for years. Bud is a retired math teacher who spent his summers packing and guiding fishing trips into the Bob Marshall Wilderness. Chuck a third generation Montanan that has grown up with a love for the back country.  These two are a vital part of our research and development team as well.  It normally starts around the campfire when someone says you know…I never understood why no one has ever made??  Or it would make more since if we did?? 

So, back to the Trailhead Supply shop to build or make changes.  Then these two field test their ideas until it becomes part of the Trailhead Supply outdoor product line.  They are crucial to our tradeshow team. Loading trailers, staffing booths, and are always available to answer whatever question that is thrown their way.

 I was proud to share the Big Screen with these guys in National Geographic’s series Dead End Express. I don’t think I have ever worked so hard, and laughed so much as the producers tried to make three old packers into TV stars.

I hope you have been reading these weekly blogs and getting to know all of us here at Trailhead Supply a little better.  So, now if you drive by and don’t see my big blue truck parked out front you can rest assured that whoever is manning the store will be a knowledgeable person with the same love and passion of the back country and packing as I have so stop and come on in.  Remember the coffee is always on.


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