I just don’t get it!  What is it with Thursday night meetings/social gatherings?  I’m surly not the only person that lives an active lifestyle, right?  You know what I’m talking about, bust your butt all week to blow out of town on Friday right after work.  You’ve been watching that clock all day and at 4:58 boom you’re screaming through the door heading toward an action packed weekend doing whatever you do.  To make that 4:58 departure on time there was planning and prep work because we all know that gear just doesn’t get in the truck by itself, so when does that happen?  Right, Thursday night!  So, you have all this stuff to do: buy groceries, load the truck, figure out why the trailer lights aren’t working…again, pack your clothes, buy more ammo, find some certified hay, and explain to your spouse you got this, it’s going to be great.  You don’t have time to go listen to someone that sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher go on and on and on at a board meeting, church function, school deal, or God knows what. Doesn’t matter they are all the same…..If you call and say, “Hey, can’t make it because I need to get out of town tomorrow.” They treat you like you’re some third class citizen or worse….In an instant, they totally forget about all the thousands of hours you have given to that organization, and all the resources you have donated because you are bailing on them.  You know what really pisses me off? When you go anyway, put your plans on hold, push your departure to Saturday AM, just to go to the Thursday night meeting, and the Chairmen, President, Grand Poobah, whatever title they have, no shows to load his gear and blow town. 

As you can probably guess…..It’s Thursday and I’m venting, because I’m pissed. Not because I have to attend a Thursday night function, but there are three events planned for this Thursday night……….F%#k it I’m loading the trailer.

Have a Great Weekend


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